lina albrikiene
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works sight H – 2A. Tanegashima. 17 Mar 2017 the promised land working for art. the art of working homage a jascha heifetz from lazdynai to paneriai still-life study of leg vilnius from the archives of my childhood. lazdynai lost memories vilnius from the archives of my childhood. my grandmother's seat memory box vilnius from the archives of my childhood. movement

In the artist’s works autobiographical facts are turned into artistic material, plot, motif and theme. Each project is realization of a specific psychological state – the relationship of I with the past, family members or personal items. In the video project Vilnius From the Archives of My Childhood. Movement (2006) Albrikienė presents an accidentally discovered 8 mm film of her parents‘ wedding ceremony. It is also a document through which the artist is able to perceive not only the static portrait of her father (in photographs) but also how he looks in motion (video footage). It is very important to note that Albrikienė never had a chance to see her father, who died in a tragic accident several months before the birth of Lina.