Lina Albrikiene works just you wait, hare ! performance homework circle Neither Mouse Neither Human Convey Sight H – 2A. Tanegashima. 17 Mar 2017 The Promised Land Working for Art. The Art of Working Homage a Jascha Heifetz From Lazdynai to Paneriai Still-life Study of Leg Vilnius from the Archives of My Childhood. Lazdynai Lost Memories Vilnius from the Archives of My Childhood. My Grandmother's Seat Memory Box Vilnius from the Archives of My Childhood. Movement
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The project Study of Leg consists of two parts and sub-themes: the series of photographs (Study of a Right Leg) and the sound installation (Study of a Left Leg (I)). Three photographs of a prosthetic leg tell a personal story of Albrikiene’s brother. Who lost a leg in an accident. The sound concentrates more on the feelings of the artist herself. The viewer perceives the action performed by the artist – jumping on the right leg and the sound made by this action as well as the attempt to embody, experience and identify herself with the Other, i.e. her brother and his disability.