Lina Albrikiene works just you wait, hare ! performance homework circle Neither Mouse Neither Human Convey Sight H – 2A. Tanegashima. 17 Mar 2017 The Promised Land Working for Art. The Art of Working Homage a Jascha Heifetz From Lazdynai to Paneriai Still-life Study of Leg Vilnius from the Archives of My Childhood. Lazdynai Lost Memories Vilnius from the Archives of My Childhood. My Grandmother's Seat Memory Box Vilnius from the Archives of My Childhood. Movement
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'Heiligengeistfeld' video on vimeo
'Pelicans at the Zoo' video on vimeo
Installation Sight is as an installation composed of audio and visual works as well as archival material. It focuses on high-rise bunkers (in German: Hochbunker) and in particular so-called flak towers (German: Flakturm/Gefechtsbunker), architectural monuments constructed during the Second World War in Germany and Austria. The main function of such buildings was air-defence on the outside platforms as well as to provide shelter for civilians during air raids. The exposure of history and ideology captured within the installation plays an important role in the artist’s work. It reveals an attempt to supress an uncanny feeling that arises from the collective memory of the time the bunkers were constructed. The current use and purpose of flak towers and related artefacts is the subject of the artist’s research. The attempt to civilize both the interior and exterior of flak tower is exercised mainly in two ways. Either the structure becomes a space of ecological education or a place of amusement. One of the Vienna flak towers hosts a public aquarium with its tropical fishes exhibition. The installation “Sight” presents a live stream of a web camera from the Vienna flak tower. It transmits a view of the aquarium showing sharks swimming inside the bunker. One of the two flak towers of Hamburg is situated on a central square Heiligengeistfeld and hosts a music school with musical instruments shop, as well as a nightclub with access to the roof gunning platforms. Twice a year the bunker is surrounded by an amusement fairground (Hamburger Dom). Multi-colour bulbs shrill and flicker, joyously covering the militaristic architecture, as can be seen in the video filmed by the artist from a turning carousel. Lina Albrikiene also exhibits a photograph from the archives of a Hamburg photographer of a woman running with her child and belongings towards a bunker entrance in 1944. In Berlin, one flak tower was constructed next to the city zoo. In a letter written during the siege of Berlin on 25 April 1945 (being read during the exhibition from a recording), a policeman describes his experience during the air raids: while taking shelter in an open pit, a bomb falls into the zoo’s waterfowl basin, the explosion throwing pelicans up into the air, then they fall down around him, dead. The image of pelicans appears again in a 19th century short documentary, an early film recording of animals from the archives of the British Film Institute. After having been starved in a cage, the seabirds are released running into a basin full of fishes.